When God is in my heart

He helps to make me kind,

So I can be a seed of hope

To all of mankind.

When God is in our hearts

We are like branches of a tree,

Spreading love everywhere

Throughout the community. 

(Jack Maher, 4th class)

Seeds of Hope at Ballytarsna NS

The boys and girls of Little Flower National School, Ballytarsna, Boherlahan, began recently to make their own the diocesan pastoral initiative Seeds of Hope. Children expressed themselves creatively by writing poems and painting poster images to bring out its different themes or ‘seeds’. There was great excitement in the class competition for the best poem and poster.

These were included in the blessing ceremony of the Seeds of Hope tree last week by Fr Dunne, the school chaplain. Gathered around the tree on a lovely sunny morning in the school garden, the children sang songs and led the prayers.

In blessing the tree with holy water, Fr Dunne reflected on water as essential to life, for human beings as well as for plants and animals. In a similar way, Baptism waters our faith. We pass on the light of that faith to one another.

The tree in the school grounds will remind boys and girls each day that, just like a tree that is properly cared for grows steadily, we flourish as people by living our faith joyfully and well.