Many Christian Churches already enjoy a long history and rich experience of synod. Perhaps the most significant innovation of Pope Francis is the recovery of synodality within the Roman Catholic tradition. In terms of potential for change, this world-wide consultation is on a par with the Second Vatican Council, with the added key dimension of all the laity in the Church. Nothing quite like this on such as scale has ever been attempted before. These are exciting times — who knows where the Spirit will lead us? There is much learning to be done and, in particular, the wisdom of other traditions more familiar with synodality will be a key ingredient. The wisdom of the Bible will also furnish essential wisdom, spirituality and discernment.

The Bible is “the very voice of the pilgrim people of God” and the roots of synodality can be traced to the Church as first of all the people of God. This understanding, in turn, finds its home in the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments.  Accordingly, our summer programme for 2022 is an exploration of chosen biblical texts (Luke-Acts, John, 1 Peter). Focusing on a small but significant selection, we hope to explore, to support and to strengthen this recovery of synodality, in a way which may inspire all our Churches today.