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Parish Pastoral Team: events planned for the Autumn

by Editor

The Parish Pastoral Team met on Wednesday evening. Some events planned for the Autumn include: 1. Cemetery Mass in Ardmayle on Monday evening, 15th August commencing at 6.45pm. It is hoped that some parishioners will walk part of the way in solidarity with our ancestors who walked these roads to attend Sunday Mass. 2. We […]

Birthday Good Wishes

by Editor

Congratulations to Mikie Heffernan, Bown, Dualla, who recently celebrated his hundredth birthday. Go sábhála Dia is Muire thú, a Mhichíl!

Jubilee Celebration: Thanks

by Editor

Sincere thanks to all who helped in the preparations for the Jubilee on Friday evening. Your spirit of cooperation and generosity are appreciated by all. 

Fifth Collection: Priests Summer Collection

by Editor

Fifth Collection: This collection was taken up last weekend. Traditionally this would be the Priests Summer Collection. It is one of the four collections paid into the Common Fund from which the salaries of priests are paid. If you were away or missed out, you may hand in your envelope at any time. Your generosity […]

New Readers and Collectors

by Editor

New Readers and Collectors: New volunteers are needed in Boherlahan church. There are boards in the church porches and we invite you to please sign your name. We appreciate so much the help we get from all who are involved in the different ministries in the church.