Answers below

Round 1

1. Which country has the largest area?      

2. Which country did Pope Francis go to visit most recently?

3. What did Hungarian Ernö Rubik invent in 1974?

4. Spell VILLAIN.

5. Ireland’s second largest GAA stadium with a capacity of 45,690 is where?            

6. Golfer, Shane Lowry is a native of which county?

7. Which number page is printed on the back of page 50 in a book?    

8. Which Irish rock band sang The Boys Are Back In Town? 

9. Prince Harry’s son has what name?

10. Apart from singing, what did Jedward recently do on the Late Late Show?

Round 2

1. How many winners did Rachel Blackmore ride at Cheltenham two weeks ago?

2. What book by George Orwell has Winston Smith as the main character? 

3. Name the current Minister for Education.   

4. Norman feudal law replaced what Gaelic system of law?

5. If I weigh 200 pounds, how many kg do I weigh? (91, 100, 108, or 76)

6. Which Dublin hospital got in trouble for giving vaccines to teachers?

7. In what year did the parish put on “Open Air Oklahoma”?

8. Name the US vice-president.

9. What were Laurel and Hardy’s first names? 

10. In what year in this century was Japan hit by a devastating tsunami?

Round 3

1. Which is the last parish of the archdiocese in alphabetical order?

2. In what year did the Irish Civil War break out?

3. If you turn a left handed glove inside-out will it be right handed or left handed?  

4. Which Hollywood star lost a libel case in the UK High Court last November? 

5. What is the 3rd largest island in Europe?

6. Which part of your body is spelt the same forwards and backwards?

7. An army coup took power in Myanmar in February. What was the former name of Myanmar?

8. With what sport do you associate Sam Bennett?

9. Which is larger, USA or Brazil?  

10. T/F—in any given year, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on the same day of the week.

Round 4

1. To the nearest thousand, how many soldiers were in a Roman legion?

2. How many Irish winners were there at Cheltenham this year?

3. In what year was Boherlahan GAA Club founded? (1902, 1912, 1922)

4. Name the ship blocking the Suez Canal.   

5. Jack Dorsey co-founded which social networking service?

6. If a bottle weighs eight ounces plus half a bottle, what is the weight of a bottle and a half?

7. Which is longer, 200m or a furlong?

8. What is the stage name of Anna Mae Bullock? 

9. Name the former European Central Bank chief who is now the Italian prime minister.

10. Which Christian name was shared by 3 of Henry VIII’s 6 wives?

Round 5

1. If you were born on January 1st in 10 BC, which birthday would you celebrate on January 1st in 10 AD?    

2.  The only vegetable or fruit never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form but fresh? 

3. Name the CEO of the Tesla car company.

4. What is the name of the 2018 Sally Rooney novel that became a TV adaptation?

5. Ether, Bitcoin, Ruben, Litecoin: which is not a cryptocurrency?

6. Who captained Tipperary to Munster senior football victory in 2020?

7. Which government minister holds the Tourism and Gaeltacht portfolios, amongst others?

8. Is UGLILY a real word?

9. Bearnán Éile is the Irish name of which Tipperary mountain? 

10. Which Co. Meath town has Ireland’s largest Norman castle?

Round 6

1. France is seeking UNESCO cultural heritage status for what? (Garlic, Baguette, Eiffel Tower)      

2. How much does a litre of Water weigh in kg’s? 

3. In which month of 2020 was the first Covid-19 death confirmed in China?

4. Tipperary hurler, Jason Forde,  plays with which club?

5. What do the words aspirin, escalator, trampoline, and zipper have in common?

6. Which UK soap celebrated its 35th birthday in 2020?

7. What is the main ingredient of sauerkraut?    

8. The road through Boherlahan village has what number? (R660, R666, or R606)

9. What word can mean to chew or to think?

10. Name the world’s only scaly mammal.

Russia/ Iraq/ Rubik’s Cube/ VILLAIN/ Thurles/ Offaly/ 49/ Thin Lizzy/ Archie/ Shaved off their hair

6/ 1984/ Norma Foley/ Brehon Law/ 91 kg/ Beacon/ 2010/ Kamala Harris/ Stan and Oliver/ 2011

Upperchurch/ 1922/ Right/ Johnny Depp/ Ireland/ Eye/ Burma/ Cycling/ USA/ False

6000/ 23/ 1912/ Ever Given/ Twitter/ 24 ounces/ Furlong/ Tina Turner/ Mario Draghi/ Catherine (of Aragon, Howard, Parr)

19th/ Lettuce/ Elon Musk/ Normal People/ Ruben/ Conor Sweeney/ Catherine Martin/ Yes/ Devil’s Bit/ Trim

Baguette/ 1kg/ January/ Silvermines/ All originally trademarks/ EastEnders/ Cabbage/ R660/ Ruminate/ Pangolin

Tie Breakers:

Name the major rivers these cities are on:






New York



Washington DC


Danube/ Nile/ Arno/ Clyde/ Tagus/ Hudson/ St Lawrence/ Tiber/ Potomac/ Tigris

After Kansas, give the next six U.S. states in alphabetical order:

Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan.

Name the seven dwarfs in Disney’s film:

Bashful, Dopey, Happy, Sneezy, Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy.