The following will be remembered at this weekend’s Masses

Rose and J.J. McGrath, Clonmore; Mary Tarrant, Thurlesbeg and her parents James & Josephine Wade, Camus; Mary Rumley, Conna, Co. Cork; deceased members of the Maher (Tubberadora) and Finan families; Lily Tuohy, Gaile; deceased members of Dualla and Cashel ICA                                                                                      

Mass has been offered for John and Ellen O’ Brien, Nodstown.                                            

(Next Weekend): Mary Hyde, Camas Park; Richard & Babbie O’ Donnell, Erry; Larry & Tessie Grant, Carrow; Judy Ryan, Kilbreedy & Thurles                                                                                                                        

Today is Prisoners’ Sunday in Ireland. Justice must seek to be restorative and not merely retributive. We pray for all prisoners and their families. 

Mon 9 Nov is the feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica. The Church, in every place, strives to be a mother to all God’s people. 

Tue 10 Nov is the memorial of St Leo the Great (d. 461), pope and doctor of the Church. He defended the primacy of the See of Peter.

Wed 11 Nov is the memorial of St Martin of Tours (316-97) bishop. He is a Patron of France.

Thu 12 Nov is the memorial of St Josaphat (1580-1623), bishop and martyr. He is honoured especially in Ukraine. 

Ministers for the Month of November: 


Pio Delaney; Pauline Gleeson; Paddy Cullen; Seamus Murphy; Marie Ryan; Liam Ó Maoldhomhnaigh are our usual collectors for November. We invite them to help at car stewarding during this month.


Stewards: Maura Lahart; Kate Fahy; Maura O’ Brien; Pauline Toomey

Booking of Masses: anniversary Masses etc. continue to be offered as usual. Bookings may be made by contacting the sacristan or either of the priests of the parish. 

Weekend Masses: Mass will be celebrated on Saturday evenings in Dualla at Denis Leamy Sports Centre at 6.30pm, and in Boherlahan Church every Sunday at 11.00am. Unfortunately because of Covid-19 restrictions these Masses are not open to the public but you may come and park your car outside and hear Mass. 

October is Mission Month. The theme this year is: ‘Together we can do more: Blessed are the peacemakers.’ Ireland helps to build other churches in poorer parts of the world and empower local people to form and sustain communities of faith. It also supports vulnerable children through educational, medical, welfare and formation programmes. In this pandemic year they need our help more than ever. You may hand in your Mission Sunday Collection envelope at any weekend Mass or at another time that is convenient for you.

Emergencies: during the Covid-19 restrictions, Fr Dunne remains on-call to respond to emergencies e.g. sacrament of the sick. Please telephone him at 083-4854776.

Newsletter Notices: please forward by Wednesday evening any items for the newsletter to either of the priests or at the usual email address: These will be included in the online newsletter which will be posted each week on during the pandemic restrictions. 

November Masses for the Dead:  Every November our thoughts and prayers turn to our loved ones who have died. Our faith tells us that our prayers and Masses can help them. The November envelopes are available in the porches of the churches. We ask you to write in the names and hand them in as soon as possible. In collecting your envelope, if you know a neighbour or neighbours who would appreciate an envelope, please take one for them. Thirty Masses will be offered for our family and friends who have died. 

Dualla Car Park: Work has commenced on Dualla car park. This will cause some inconvenience to school personnel and those wishing to visit the church. While this work is in progress, Mass will be celebrated in the Denis Leamy Sports Centre every Saturday evening at 6.30pm. Feel welcome to come along and hear Mass in the car park there. We ask for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Schools Collection: Next Sunday, the third Sunday in November is our usual date for the Schools Collection. We are blessed with very good schools and excellent teachers who have given wonderful service during the past year. We must always be going forward and improving our schools. You may hand in your envelope at any time.

Community Website: has information about the book being planned to mark the 50th anniversary of Scoil San Isadóir in Boherlahan. Community support is needed for this project, and details of how you can help are given. Please continue to send material for the website to

Prayer for November: Lord God, whose days are without end and whose mercies beyond counting, keep us mindful that life is short and the hour of death unknown. Let your Spirit guide our days on earth in the ways of holiness and justice, that we may serve you in union with the whole Church, sure in faith, strong in hope, perfect in love. And when our earthly journey is ended lead us rejoicing into your kingdom, where you live for ever and ever. Amen. 

November could be called the month of the communion of saints. We remember the dead, not only to pray for them, but to give thanks for their lives on earth, and to draw hope from their present life with God (Donal Neary SJ).