We remember in prayer


Sun 2 May 11.00am: Kitty Ryan, Freighduff (Month’s Mind); Michael Ramsey, Thurlesbeg

Sat 8 May 7.30pm: Christopher Croke, Regaile 

Sun 9 May 11.00am: Andy & Patti Fitzgerald, St Joseph’s Ave, and their granddaughter Amber Heffernan

Pray for: Tom Storman, England & Nodstown; Bridget Hayes, Bawnmore; Nora Maher, Longfield

Mon 3 May is the feast of Ss Philip and James, apostles. 

Easter Holy Water: We invite you to continue the good tradition of taking home Easter Water and sprinkling it on the houses and land. This Easter may God bless all our homes and our daily work. 

Camas Grotto Novena: each day 1-9 May. Only private visits for prayer are possible due to current restrictions on outside gatherings. Choose a time of your own, remembering that others are making this novena with you. 

Parish Masses:  During the Level Five restrictions it is intended to continue parish Masses in both churches, with ‘drive in’ attendance only. Please note that all Masses in Boherlahan will be live streamed. 

  • Weekend Masses  Boherlahan Sat 7.30pm / Sun 11.00am; Dualla Sat 6.30pm / Sun 9.30am
  • Weekday Masses will be in Boherlahan: Monday to Friday at 10.00am.  

Live Streaming of Masses: Each Mass from Immaculate Conception Church, Boherlahan, will be live streamed during Covid restrictions. Follow these easy steps to connect to it: 1. Start a search in Google by typing ‘churchcamlive.ie/boherlahan’; 2. Press the play button in the centre of the screen. 

Third Collection: Our Third Collection was taken up last weekend. It would be traditionally our Sacristan and Church Maintenance collection. We pray and hope that the Lord will reward you for your kindness and generosity.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation:  Provisional new dates have been arranged in consultation with the schools of the parish and with the Archbishop. These provisional dates have been communicated to the families. We earnestly hope and pray that the sacraments of first Holy Communion and Confirmation will be celebrated as planned before the end of school term in June. 

The School Grounds are private property and we ask that no teenagers or young people congregate in the school grounds. In Boherlahan they have just reseeded part of the grass and so it needs time to recover. We know that you will cooperate and respect this request.

Ballytarsna NS welcomes applications for enrolment for September 2021.  Please contact the school at 0504-41323 or littleflowerns@gmail.com Closing date for applications is the 10 May 2021.

Prayer to St Roch (Protector against infectious diseases)

O Blessed St Roch, Patron of the sick, look with mercy on those who suffer illness. Your power was so great when you were in this world, that by the sign of the Cross, many were healed of their diseases. Now that you are in heaven, your power is no less. Offer to God our intentions and tears and obtain for us the physical and spiritual health we seek. This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. St Roch: Pray for us, that we may be relieved from all diseases of body and soul. 

A Reflection on Resurrection

‘I am alive forever!’

This is the word he said; 

In him there is no dying, 

In him there are no dead; 

I am alive forever!-

This is his word to me

Through season after season

To live eternally.

I am alive forever!

Oh tell it far and near; 

No more can winter trouble

Or autumn bring a tear.

I am alive forever!

Let seasons go or stay, 

For Christ is mine forever, 

Forever and a day.

Forever and forever!

Oh fling it to the breeze,

To live with him forever, 

Creator of the trees, 

To paint with him the sunsets.

To visit with the stars, 

To flash across God’s highways

Beyond all earthly bars.

I know not how the future

Shall change me or surprise, 

But this will be my heaven, 

To look into his eyes, 

To hear again the promise

As he sweetly welcomes me-

‘Thou art alive forever, 

Alive eternally!’

(Ralph Spaulding Cushman)

A Reflection on Easter Faith: 

Easter is a time of the great in the small. The impact of Jesus, risen from the dead, was in small ways. He listened to two people on the road and broke some bread with them and they believed. He came through a door but only when he ate their fish did they believe. He called someone by her name and she believed. No big lectures, no astounding apparitions. Faith grows in small ways mostly. (Donal Neary SJ)