Today is the Day of Prayer for Vocations. In every vocation in life there is a call to holiness. The call to priesthood or religious life involves a particular call to witness to the life of God in our world. We remember in prayer today all who have dedicated their lives to following Jesus through answering his call to serve in this manner. We earnestly pray that the Lord will bless the Church with many more people willing to respond to that call. 

New Webcam: We encountered some technical problems with our new webcam last Sunday. We hope all will go according to plan this Sunday. We hope to stream Mass live during the current crisis every Sunday at 11.00am and perhaps on other days too. To avail of this facility, go to

Newsletter Notices: please forward any items for the newsletter to Fr Dunne at the usual email address: These will be included in the online newsletter which will be posted each week on during the pandemic restrictions. 

Anniversaries: The following will be remembered in our masses this weekend 2-3 May: Michael Ramsey, Thurlesbeg; John and Mary O’ Dwyer, Synone; Kitty Tuohy and dec. members of the Tuohy family, Gaile; John Dwyer, Ballytarsna; Tom and Maureen O’ Dwyer, Nodstown; Mary, James and Noel Hughes, Gooldscross, and Mary Hanley; John Bourke, Clareen.

Listening Process in the Archdiocese: Feedback is now invited to the Draft Pastoral Plan. Many people from the parish participated in preparatory meetings over the past year and more. As gatherings of people are not possible for now, please look at the plan through this link: Draft Pastoral Plan March 2020 – Final version March 6. This is linked at>Pastoral Resources >Listening Process. Details of how to comment are given there. Your support will be most appreciated.

First Holy Communion: First Holy Communion in Boherlahan was planned for next Saturday. Because of Covid-19 we have to postpone it until a later date. We ask you all to pray for the children and their families during this week.

Collections: People have been asking about the different collections. Last weekend was to be the Sacristan and Church Maintenance Collection. We have already missed out on the Easter Priests’ Collection. First we wish to thank those who dropped in their contribution through the letter box or by post. If people wish to make a contribution (cheque or cash), we will divide it between the different collections. Otherwise people may wait until the restrictions are relaxed and then make a contribution. Above all, we want to say a very sincere thanks to you all for your continued support, generosity and kindness to us.

Rosary Novenas during the Month of May: We have a very good tradition of reciting the Rosary at a number of grottos in the parish during the month of May. This is not possible this year. If you live near a grotto, you could visit it at a time of your choice to offer private prayer e.g. the Rosary or other prayers.

Thanks from Fr. Egan and Fr. Dunne: We want to say very sincere thanks to all who phoned or sent messages during the last number of weeks. If we didn’t hear from you we know that you were hoping the best for us. We do appreciate your loyalty, friendship and care at this time and we assure you all of a big share in our prayers and Masses during these challenging times. Let us be united in friendship and prayer.

Thought for the Day: Sometimes we talk too much to hear what God would say. Other times we’re preoccupied with activities of the day. Oh, how we need to just be quiet, and listen with our hearts to what the Holy Spirit speaks, that truth that He imparts (Connie Campbell Bratcher).

Devotion to Our Lady in May: Mary is a sign of hope because what she has done we can do, for in a certain sense we are all Mary. She is a consolation because in her humanity Mary had her doubts and hesitations; she had her moments of concern for a son who was not in the ordinary mould; her grief was real and her tears bitter in the face of her child’s apparently senseless death. We pray therefore: Holy Spirit of God, help us to know and love Mary; Holy Mary, pray for us that we may be able to enter in love into the mystery of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Parents’ Vocation Prayer

Loving God, you have given us the privilege and responsibility of being loving parents. In the name of Jesus, we ask you to guide us as we invite our children to hear your call to service and leadership in our Church.  May our children respond with deep faith and generosity to the needs of God’s people. Help us to be a source of encouragement to our children by our own desire to be committed people who serve with love and enthusiasm. Amen.