Date(s) - 01/11/2020
3:00 pm


Service to dedicate November as a month of Prayer and Remembrance for the Dead and Bereaved: (Bishops’ Statement below). This Service of Prayer and Remembrance will take place in both churches (without congregation) on next Sunday at 3pm.


November is traditionally the month when the bereaved remember, in a particular way, their loved ones who have died. On 1 November next we celebrate the feast of All Saints, when we celebrate the Saints of the Church, and this is followed by the feast of All Souls on 2 November, when we pray for the souls of the dead. Following their Autumn 2020 General Meeting, the Irish Catholic Bishops addressed this year’s month of the dead in a special way.

The Bishops said, “This year the month of November, in which we traditionally remember the dead and pray for the bereaved, will be particularly poignant. We know there is a huge yearning for consolation and hope in the heart of our people. During 2020 we are especially mindful of those grieving families who, because of restrictions, have been unable to experience the customary spiritual and community supports which are so much part of our Irish tradition.”

At the conclusion of their autumn plenary meeting, the bishops announced that a special prayer service will take place on 1 November at 3.00pm, lead by the bishops and priests of Ireland, to dedicate this November to ‘Remembrance of the Dead and Prayer for the Bereaved’.

“We invite everyone to unite in prayer at this moment which will be followed by parish liturgies throughout the month of November. Our intention is to reach out and offer spiritual support, and hope, to the bereaved suffering heart-break due to the loss of loved ones and, together, we will pray for the happy repose of their souls.”