Community Water Development Fund 2022 is now open. This Fund is administered by the Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) and is designed to encourage and support local communities to engage in the delivery of local projects and initiatives on water quality, biodiversity loss and climate change. 

Grants may range from €500 to €25,000.

Projects can include 

1. Large Scale Projects (incl. sub catchment pilots)
2. Medium Scale Projects (incl. capital works) and
3. Small Scale Projects (incl. projects that provide a ‘community gain or benefit’ relevant to good water stewardship, e.g. local awareness raising.)

The Fund is open to all community and voluntary groups including not-for-profit Community and Voluntary Groups; Rural Networks; Urban Networks; Environmental Non-Government Organisations, Clubs, Associations or other appropriate bodies in the Republic of Ireland.  

For full details on the fund please visit

Closing date for fund applications is Tuesday, 8th February 2022.


Also a reminder that the public consultation process on the Draft River Basin Management Plan (2022-2027) is ongoing. 

To make a submission please see the following resource materials: Virtual Public Consultation Room & submission process:   

Full details on draft plan & submission process can be found at