Hard to believe it, but this time 20 years ago, we had already held a huge parish event to celebrate two thousand years of Christianity with our phenomenally successful Millennium Pageant.   Yes, that is the only word to describe how a rural parish of 1,600 had one in every three parishioners take to the ‘stage’ – well ‘field’ for two nights on May, 21st and 23rd.   It succeeded on so many levels, bringing people together to display talents in areas they never dreamt they had and in building bonds and friendships that last to this day. 

The success of this was the catalyst to dream even bigger, and so ten years ago on this weekend, with the same benign weather, our renowned ‘Oklahoma’ brought people from far and wide for six shows of an incredible standard.  

  • Would you like to share your memories, stories, anecdotes, photographs, OTT moments or sacrifices you had to make!  Did it change your life?
  • Recreate the photograph – if you have a copy of Millennium Memories, pick out a photograph taken with fellow thespians e.g. ‘The Mad Monks’, ‘The Singing Sisters’ and see if you can touch base with each other.   Social distancing means you must resort to modern technology to contact one another.  Take an individual photograph of yourself.   Perhaps one of group could volunteer to assemble the images together and submit ‘then’ and ‘now’. Lots of changes, no doubt. 
  • Similarly for Oklahoma.
  • Recall those enjoyable days, in these unusual times – the website is now open to hearing from you! Send to editor@boherlahandualla.ie. 

There are many ‘zoomed out’ with quizzes but we will post one within the next week to see how good your memory is!