The churches of the parish will remain open by day throughout the Covid-19 outbreak

  • The Blessed Sacrament will continue to be reserved in the tabernacles
  • Parishioners should feel free to go to either church for private prayer e.g. the rosary, stations of the cross, or other devotions
  • If you enter a church and other people are there, please observe the HSE’s current guidelines regarding social distancing
  • The weekly newsletter of the parish will be available to take home at the usual places in each church
  • The priests of the parish will offer their Masses each day for the intentions and well being of all our parishioners for the duration of  this crisis
  • Masses will be celebrated without any people present
  • Mass will be live-streamed each day also at 10.55am from Thurles parish: see the homepage of (For sound check the unmute button)
  • Funerals, baptisms and weddings may be celebrated in Boherlahan and Dualla, but will be subject to current HSE guidelines