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Legion of Mary January Bulletin 2019

by Editor

…continuation of an extract from the Maria Legionis (The voice of the Legion of Mary) Edition 4 of 2018 on “Christmas” by Frank Duff.  It was first published in Maria Legionis, December 1959 – February 1960. The Road to Bethlehem. But at this point something asserts itself, something which appears to be purely human but which […]

WMOF 2018 Memories.

by Editor

      Watch Pastoral Congress sessions With a packed programme of over 200 events at the Pastoral Congress in the RDS, it would have been impossible to get to everything. Or maybe your volunteer schedule prevented you from attending a particular presentation, panel discussion or workshop. Many of the panels and talks were recorded […]

Legion of Mary December Bulletin 2018.

by Editor

In the September Bulletin 2017, Frank Duff, the Founder of the Legion of Mary was mentioned. On the 7th September 1921, the eve of Our Lady’s birthday, he founded the first Praesidium entitled “Our Lady of Mercy” at Myra House, Francis St, Dublin. From that date until his death on the 7th November 1980 he […]